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On AngularJS

After trying pure JavaScript, jQuery feels like a great library. It allows you to develop applications much faster and easier. The same can be said about frameworks and libraries like AngularJS and React. When a beginner sees, what can be achieved with AngularJS, the effect is enormous. Therefore, I decided ...

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Posted on 07-01-2015

What have I learned about the `require` function

I make mistakes and learn new things all the time. This time, I spent a few days on preparing a module, and then I figured out it doesn't work. The reason was my lack of knowledge about the require function from the Node.js platform. Here's, what I ...

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Posted on 24-11-2014

Want a web page?

I've done many things wrong in my life... I think that one of them was buying a VPS a few years ago. But perhaps I should start from the beginning.

Let's assume, that you need a web page. What should you do? Well, it depends on you needs ...

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Posted on 17-11-2014

Go for Docpad

It's been a week since I started this site. Just a few days, although busy ones.

Perhaps it should be explained, why I've chosen Pelican to make this site. I planned using something else - Hexo. But the more I was looking into Hexo's docs, the more I ...

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Posted on 10-11-2014

Let's start it, then!

I really like programming and sharing ideas. I often talk about it with my wife. She probably doesn't understand too much in this area, but she's very lovely and always listens to me. I should also mention, that sometimes her remarks are very valuable - I find it perfecly ...

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Posted on 31-10-2014


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